Proverbs 2 – Day 2

Proverbs 2 – Day 2

Proverbs 2: 20 So may you walk in the way of good men, and keep to the paths of those who are right and good.

Proverbs is such a wonderful set of teachings. It is filled with wisdom that, when meditated on, can give insight and knowledge that only comes from God.

In the month of Dec I will be sharing from Proverbs each day. I will apply these proverbs to marriage and family life. I hope you enjoy these insights as we delve into the wisdom of Proverbs.


Please read the entire chapter 2 of Proverbs first.

As a child, I always felt safe at home. Dad and mom were always there, as were my siblings. We had a place where they let you talk, and be yourself. We were encouraged to do what ever we wanted in school so I had many activities I was involved in during school. Experiencing the safety of home has been a real blessing to me.

Proverbs chapter 2 discusses the value of safety in God’s Wisdom. This is different than the safety of a home. Dad and mom had wonderful wisdom for us, always teaching us to trust God, to pray for His help and understanding. The safety I learned was that we didn’t trust in our strength, but in the strength that comes from knowing God.

When we walk in sin, it is not safe. My parents corrected all of us with great care. They showed us the way of wisdom by holding us accountable for our bad behavior. I learned that you followed the rules, and all would go well. The wisdom learned was very important as child. When a child knows the rules he feels safe.

As we move from our homes into a marriage, there are now new rules. God’s rules and our willingness to follow them. When we don’t follow them, life is hard. Since we don’t have dad and mom to hold us accountable, it’s easier to excuse our bad behavior.

Is your marriage is difficult right now, It might be because you didn’t learn the rules. Or you didn’t follow what you knew. Is your spouse not following God’s truths? Marriage is about two people, but the principle presented in Proverbs chapter 2 is that life is about YOU. That means your marriage is about you!

Are you following the Kingdom Rules God has established for you life? Do you have hidden sin that keeps you from being as close to God as you could be? Do you feel like God would reject you if you came to Him and talked about yourself?

No matter where you are in your current marriage, if things are not well, take responsibility for you own walk with God, and he will give you wisdom about what to do. Seek His wisdom!

Application: Do you feel like you could talk to God about anything? Does he really care about you? Do you feel like life is just too hard? God promises us that when we change, our whole world changes. I believe that means even the marriage will change when YOU change.

Yesterday we asked the question: do you think about your spouse changing more than you think about you changing in your marriage. Is that you?

God is always drawing us closer to Him.

As you read Chapter 2 in Proverbs, in the very middle we see “For wisdom will come into your heart. And much learning will be pleasing to your soul. 11 Good thinking will keep you safe. Understanding will watch over you.” Trust Him, believe Him. He will guide you.

Seek the wisdom of Godly people for answers.

I can’t wait to see what God says tomorrow!

I’m just saying

Daniel C Clark

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